Today pirmdiena, 2022.gada 17.janvāris
Today Nameday celebrate: Tenis, Dravis
Why is gainfully to do business with us?

You have started your business and probably have touched with problem like provide good quality bookkeeping in Your company. To resolve it Your move must be hight qualified bookkeeping specialist who can secure company bookkeeping system right operation. For that reason is worth to think over whether it wouldn’t be gainfull trust Your company to bookkeeping calculation control competent specialists in bookkeeping who fully guarantee Your company bookkeeping calculation correctness and corresponding Latvian Republic legislative. We take it all in our hands with bookkeeping connected questions solutions but You delay more time and energy to spend on your company successful progression.

Using our company service You have not necessary to purchase:

Computer and computer programs;
Technical utilities and inventory;
Bookkeeping and tax legislation;
Do not need social payment for bookkeeping;
Monthly service payment is lower than qualified book-keeper monthly salary.